• The 7th Annual Great Gator Race in New Iberia, Louisiana (by Jim Jaillet)

    March 7, 2010

    The 7th Annual Great Gator Race in New Iberia, Louisiana

    >> Yesterday was a delightful sunny day with a temperature of 66 degrees... A great day to have a gator race. It's an annual event and Mary and I were lucky enough to be in town for this exciting event of 5,000 Alligators racing down the Bayou Teche!


    There were lots of friendly folks attending. The event was controlled by the New Iberia Police and very interestingly...New Iberiea Parish Jail Trustees dressed in their black and white striped jail suits.

    As usual, lots of beer and food. Mary and I are finding eating out in Louisiana to be quite an experience. As a rule, we do not eat fried foods and it seems almost everything food-wise down here is FRIED! We passed on eating at this event.

    The announcer did a great job of calling the race with entries named,,,who dat, thibodaux, beaudreau, banana, skinny dipper, falstaff, miller lite, bud lite, drew breese. Needless to say, who dat was the winner!

    We took a nice stroll in the historic downtown area. We've been on the go so much lately we decided to call it an early afternoon. We arrived back at the motorhome at 2:00 PM and enjoyed a nice laid-back relaxing afternoon.

    To see the other 23 photos I took, click this link...

    Oh, the great gator race is a fund-raiser for the Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc. The gators were little plastic guys about 18 inches long! Here's a link about the Great Gator Race and the SHMA...

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