• Des bureaux de votes inhabituels pour l'élection du 7 mai 2015 au Royaume-Uni

    Un bureau de vote potentiel !Election 2015: England's peculiar polling stations

    >> A casual glance down the list of polling stations for [this] month's general election reads like this: "Parish hall, village hall, village hall, village hall, community centre, parish hall". But every so often they throw up a peculiarity. Here are just a few of them.

    >> Each of the UK's 50,000 or so polling stations has been carefully selected according to a strict set of rules.
    They should be accessible, identifiable and provide that all-important privacy for voters.
    They should also be the right size to meet the needs of the local electorate and allow a queue of people to "flow" through.
    That's pretty much where the law ends and the imagination begins.
    So where would you be least likely to find a polling station? A football stadium? A launderette? A school bus?
    Actually, all three will be clearing houses for ballot papers when England goes to the polls on 7 May.


    Cliquez dans le titre pour voir les photos et lire les justifications de ces bureaux de vote inhabituels dans BBC News !

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