• Au revoir ! A bientôt ! (Fin de la tournée royale au Canada)

     la tournée royale au Canada

    Au revoir !

    A bientôt !


    Queen Elizabeth in the United States Today

    By Happy to have her here again.
    Published on Wednesday, July 07, 2010

    Englands Queen Elizabeth  is arriving in New York today to address the United Nations for the first time since 1957.  She is coming to check on her former colonies. The way our country is being run now it would be a relief if she stayed and ran the White House for us now .  We could all start singing  " God Save Our Queen " instead of  " Hail to the Chief ". No more fights between Democratc and Republicans , liberals and  conservatives  , Rush Laim Brain and  Obama and all that stuff that is getting our country nowhere.  Lets all e-mail Elizabeth and tell her she is welcomed  to come stay at the Shadows  in New Iberia. She can start giving orders to Hilda Curry and Ernest Freyou.  I bet Queen Elizabeth will straighten them all out.

    A lire dans "the Daily Iberian". Etonnant, non ?

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